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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager a term that is widely used in the world of business and we all know that the heart of every successful business license marketing just look around you from billboards to advertisements to online promotions and events every company is trying to engage with you making sure you remember and recall their brand and the one team that is behind all this buzz is marketing in.

This article we will discuss who is a marketing manager what are his roles and responsibilities and what is the future career prospects of a marketing manager so who is the marketing manager a marketing manager controls all the communication between a company and its consumers they manage internal teams in order to craft promotional messages and they work to publish media across multiple channels marketing managers work with many different forms of media from traditional newspapers and billboards to digital advertising and social platforms.

The role of a marketing manager is varied such as sketching estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns collaborating with advertising agencies working with internal teams in order to craft promotional messages reviewing advertising material such as print TV commercials online advertisements and allocating media budgets typically marketing managers have distinct personalities and are often enterprising individuals who are ambitious in their goals assertive in their plan highly energetic and optimistic in nature and most of all creative and expressive about their ideas they are responsible for establishing and maintaining a brand's image and for ensuring it complies with the company's vision and values.

So what are the skills of a marketing manager a marketing manager is creative insightful and has a positive approach to its products your she will have an impeccable communication skills and strong organizational skills a dynamic manager will show exceptional leadership and project management skills along with analytical and problem-solving skills and also be the one who is proactive reliable responsible and accurate with excellent attention to detail gone are the days when traditional marketing was the norm in the world of online business.

Marketing managers need to have that technical knowledge of how to communicate with the online audience today's marketing managers are in fact upgrading their skills in digital marketing for better customer interaction so what is the employability rate of marketing managers according to a recent research the marketing manager job market is expected to grow by about 10.1 percent between 2016 to 2020 six employment options for marketing managers a particularly diverse they work in any and all industries that sell products services or ideas healthcare technology hospitality entertainment food and beverage and apparel are just a few of a wide variety of industries that use the services of a marketing manager.

So how to become a marketing manager to become a marketing manager you need to have a bachelor's degree preferably in marketing advertising Business Administration or have enough relevant experience it is always advised to have certifications a master's degree or an MBA to enhance your employability hiring managers for big corporates like Britannia Zipcar Amazon etc often seek MBA graduates as they're equipped to handle large corporates and management leadership business strategies finance product development and corporate communications so if you believe that you have what it takes to become a marketing manager and have the passion to pursue a career in this dynamic field then make sure you have a relevant degree preferably an MBA.

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