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Marketing Jobs

Marketing Jobs

The idea of marketing is a lot simpler than the reality in today's article we're gonna cover  come of the top types of marketing jobs available in 2020.

Number one, social media marketer people flock to this position and title thinking that it's ostly playing around on Twitter or Facebook and while that is a major part of the job the  iggest part of it comes in as data analysis and seeing what works and what doesn't a social media marketer needs to be friendly and open to new relationships but also willing to.

Try new things to engage with their audience adaptability is one of the strongest traits you could have because as the landscape of social media changes so will this job you'll work with customer support advertising any number of other departments you will be developing and enacting your company's campaigns - it's a tough job and it's more than playing on Twitter but for the right person the multi-faceted aspect of the job is what makes it ideal the salary ranges anywhere from thirty seven thousand to eighty thousand with the average being fifty four thousand.

Number two, brands manager brand managers focus on the overall image of the company and calculate how people will see them they work with the social media team to make sure the tone of the posts is right for the business without a brand manager looking out for your brand's best interests you can get into some real.

Sticky situation when it comes to what your company says and does we have an entire article on brand strategy actually so you should check that out for more information on the topic ingeneral the salary ranges from sixty-five thousand to one hundred and thirty thousand with the average being ninety six thousand. 

Number three,  content creator yeah content creation is definitely a type of marketing job every word you write is outreach between your brand and your audience you share the contact and you interact with the members of the community your content is what the others use to bring people in generate leads and convert them into customers you are the cornerstone in an effective marketing plan the salary ranges from thirty four thousand to seventy five thousand with the average being 48 thousand. 

Number four, brand ambassador in a way a brand ambassador is a lower level brand manager instead of setting the brand image in deciding what be the brand ambassador is the one that the public sees and interacts with your job as a brand ambassador is getting the word out about your company's product your knowledge of the products and services of the company will probably be more in-depth than almost anyone you work with this kind of ambassadorship is done on social media at pop-up events and different various conferences and conventions. 

You are the representative face and voice of the company and most of the time you can expect a good amount of travel with this position as well the salary ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 with the average being 33,000.  

Number five, SEO specialist as an SEO specialist you are diving deep into data and analytics working to glean the most insight that you possibly can about what is driving the most conversions most effectively at its heart an SEO specialist is a data analyst who works in concert with other marketing physicians to make sure that your web content is as discoverable as possible you may be working closely with advertising as well trying and testing and perfecting the audiences and keywords for different ad campaigns across different platforms the salary ranges from forty four thousand to one hundred and twenty six thousand the average being 65 thousand. 

Number six, public relations coordinator often people misunderstand the difference in public relations and publicity a publicist is the one garnering publicity planning campaigns and designing materials to plaster across the internet PR on the other hand is getting your feet on the ground and interacting with the public your going into the community and talking with the demographic for your brand you take the materials the publicist has prepared and use them to relate to the public PR gets out on the street and tells people about the brand in their own environment while publicity tends to shout and post the message so that it can be discovered passively the salary ranges from 34,000 to 64,000 with the average being 45,000 and finally.

Number seven, market researcer slash analysts it's kind of impossible to market without knowing whom to market to running focus groups surveys and putting together key studies all fall right into this marketing niche when statistical studies are performed it's the market researchers who do them they also tend to be the ones who read them and then converts those officer and that data into actionable steps one downside to market research is that not every company can afford a full-time staff member in this role so you might be finding yourself working as a consultant for a firm that contracts out too many.

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