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10 Best Educational Websites for Students

10 Best Educational Websites for Students

In the rat race to score good grades, students have forgotten the essence of learning. Learning can be tiring and unproductive if it is not done with interest. There are certain websites online which can stir up the interest in learning and make education fun. So here is a list of the best educational websites that you should try., Subject Trainer tops the list of the best educational websites available online. It can enhance student knowledge with thousands of quizzes, videos and games provided on this site. If you need guidance on a particular subject, you can find tutors near you through this site. Learning becomes easier when assisted with visual equipment, and as such they provide thousands of video courses for study. You can also increase your speed with their worksheet generator.

Not only useful for students but also tutors and courses. Tutors and course providers can build online courses and establish online academies to help students with their curriculum.

MentalFloss, Mental Floss is filled with educational contents which are presented in a fun way to keep the reader hooked thoroughly. This is a very efficient online education website because it covers almost every educational content. Students need to know about their environment because it increases their general knowledge and Mental Thread has all interesting topics. Mental Floss has topics ranging from history, science, architecture, archeology, animals and languages   to travel, holidays, food and entertainment. In addition, it has interesting quizzes and amazing facts.

Unplug the TV, Today, most children spend their valuable time watching random TV shows that ultimately do not benefit them. That's what this website replaced. It gives the same pleasure of watching TV but provides videos that increase their general intelligence and knowledge.

The main source of content comes from educational or inspirational organizations. This is not like other video streaming platforms because this website filters and only displays educational material and open-mindedness that is beneficial to students. So, instead of TV, you have to watch UnplugTheTV, There are no course topics that are not provided by edX. The main highlight and credibility of this online education website comes from the fact that this site was founded by major universities that are universally recognized and have global leading institutions as their partners.  They contain contents from topics such as engineering, marketing, business and management, humanities, computer science, data, and statistics. It offers high-quality course learning and provides a platform to explore how students learn and how the faculty can teach with innovative techniques and tools. If you want to connect to the best institutions, you must try this site.

Scholastic, Reading is closely related to a child's growth and personality and so is the choice of books. Scholastic always provides reading material that can get parents and young people involved. Scholastic books and educational material are included in schools throughout the world. Students can browse descriptions of all books, games and videos and choose from their favorite categories. Genre, age limit, and author's name are provided in the description. When it comes to novels and student books, scholasticism is the best website out there.

Crayola, A child shows interest in art before he even goes to school. Children find images and artwork very interesting, and that can indeed teach them a lot about various topics. And the best place to make learning fun through art is Crayola. It contains several ideas to support creative teaching and learning for every grade making it one of the best creative online educational website. 

Wordsmyth, Every student has faced difficulties with spellings and puzzles. While dictionaries offer only the literal meaning of words, Wordsmyth deal with a lot more things. It not only functions as an online dictionary but also puzzle solutions such as crossword and anagram puzzle solutions.

They have a separate children's dictionary that contains all the important words that a child should know from topics ranging from the human body, economics, government, law, communication, world, environment, history and culture. In addition, it has word list makers and quiz makers such as matching quizzes, multiple choice quizzes, and content makers., Funbrain makes learning fun through games, books, videos, and comics. It contains material for children up to eighth grade that develops their reading and problem solving skills along with topics covering such as mathematics. In addition, an easy-to-use UI makes it easy to find what you are looking for. So if you are looking for a site that focuses on providing fun and safe educational material for students, then you should try Funbrain., Children's highlights are mainly websites that provide magazines for children up to the age of twelve that function as online education websites. Besides the magazine it contains games, puzzles, and quizzes. One of the unique things this website offers that other educational sites don't offer is a joke! These jokes help children learn about many things because they are chosen by age group and are also educational. Children's highlights also contain crafts and recipes that unleash student creativity and innovation.

Rhcbooks, Children's highlights are mainly websites that provide magazines for children up to the age of twelve that function as online education websites. Besides the magazine it contains games, puzzles, and quizzes. One of the unique things this website offers that other educational sites don't offer is a joke! These jokes help children learn about many things because they are chosen based on age groups and also educate. Children's highlights also contain crafts and recipes that unleash student creativity and innovation.

So this was the list of 10 best educational websites for students. You can incorporate them into your learning routing to make learning easy and fun.

What is Manager

What is Manager

Manager a manager is an employee of the organization who is in charge of the organization or its department he someone who manages the entire affairs of the organization and is responsible for the working and performance of the concerned department or unit.

He is the one who takes routine decisions and has a group of subordinates who reports to him or her about the day-to-day operations basically a manager performs five basic functions these are planning organizing staffing directing and controlling planning is to decide beforehand what is to be done in future next is organizing which means organizing the activities processes and the resources of the organization as in assignment of tasks delegating authority to subordinates and allocation of resources then is staffing staffing involves recruitment and selection of personnel for carrying out various activities next function is directing it entails guiding and supervising the subordinates to make sure that the efforts are made in right direction last but not the least controlling function involves monitoring the activities of workers and establishing standards and comparing them with the actual performance to take necessary steps for correction in case of any variations.

One of the main characteristic of a manager is coordination which entails integrating the activities of the organization and synchronizing the efforts to ensure that all the activities are performed in tandem leader as the name suggests a leader is someone who leads he has the power to convince inspire and motivate others as well as makes them follow the instruction to work in a desired direction he is someone who holds a dominant in a given field and has the ability to influence a group of people towards achievement of objectives.

He has good communication skills full sightedness and a clear vision the qualities of a good leader includes decision-making ability accountability creativity and innovation commitment and passion towards the goal and encouraging others difference between manager and leader meaning a manager is a person who is responsible for managing the entire organization on the other hand a leader is someone who influences the subordinates towards attainment of desired objective when manager aims at directing and controlling people a leader aims at motivating and inspiring people a manager has subordinates who reports to him about the day-to-day activities whereas a leader has followers who follows him next the primary skill of a manager is quick decision-making with respect to various matters of the organization and coordinating the activities of the management on the other hand a leader has four sightedness when it comes to approach a manager plans the activities of the organization whereas a leader sets direction if we talk about leadership style the manager follows transactional leadership style that involves the wards and punishments for motivating the subordinates on the other hand a leader follows transformational leadership style in which the leader employs his charisma to inspire his followers in achieving the goal while managers tries for efficiency as he believes in doing the things in right manner a leader strives for effectiveness in doing the right things next while a manager focuses on the processes of the organization the focus is on his people a leader is a change agent and so he promotes change which is for the betterment of his followers on the other hand a manager reacts to change a manager tries to avoid conflict as he believes that it is going to hamper the growth and performance of the organization as against a leader uses conflict as an asset to provoke people in doing better than others lastly when it comes to perspective a manager has a short-range perspective whereas a leader has a long-range perspective well friends this brings me to the end of this lesson I hope you find the lesson very useful.

I am sure that all your doubts regarding the difference between manager and leader is cleared now however if you want to study the topic further in detail you can visit our official website that the sky reference is calm here you can find a detailed comparison of leader and manager along with their definition.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

And How Does it Really Work?

I want to teach you guys what affiliate marketing is. So I'm going to show you guys the basics and fundamentals. Just explain how it works and I'm going to hop into my computer actually. And show you guys some real examples and show you step by step how people are using affiliate marketing these days to make money online. And trust me when I say this, everyone does affiliate marketing, literally everyone.

All the famous YouTubers, all the tech reviewers, people on Instagram, all those fitness people. Big companies like Uber, Lyft. Blogs like Smart Passive Income. And even small food blogs, "small" food blogs do affiliate marketing. So, let's just hop into the computer so I can live you guys an actual click by click, step-by-step on how affiliate marketing works and what it is. Alright so we have transported inside of my computer using a little technology called Magic. And now I'm going to show you guys step-by-step some real world examples of how affiliate marketing works and how it is used in the real world. But just to get things started, a basic description at its core of affiliate is that it is just referrals, okay. So affiliate marketing it's kind of a fancy term for just referrals. It's basically referring people to products and services of companies that are not your own and then receiving commission if those people sign up or take action upon your referral. Usually through a link. 

Basically, Amazon Associates if I just go right here, it is Amazon's affiliate program. Let's just log out of that real quick. So Amazon Associates is Amazon's affiliate program. And as you guys can see, earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader. So if you join Amazon Associates which you guys can do today. It's completely free but you might need to have a website in order to get approved. Some people are able to without it. But I would have a website just in case. Alright guys so if you log in and then you just look up products for Amazon Associates that you can promote.

As you can see here in my article we have the M50x. And all you have to do is click here, and then get link which basically is your personalized tracking link that you can include in your videos, on your website, on your landing page. And then this link is personalized to your account. Now what that means is it has a tracking code through cookies. Where if somebody clicks that link it's gonna be tracked back to you. And for Amazon Associates at least, if somebody buys anything from Amazon, not just the product which is the headphones. If they buy anything within 24 hours, you receive a percentage of the commission. Now, the commission ranges. It definitely ranges based on the product category. It can range from 4 up to 10%. So if I just look up Amazon Associates rates then we can actually see each specific product category and how much they pay. 

So that's how it works at its core. Amazon Associates is the largest in terms of affiliate programs because it just has the widest range of products. But there are many sort of affiliate networks that have more exclusive offers with the companies and with the products that may yield you a higher percentage of commission. So this is just a quick example right here of how people do it on YouTube. I'm gonna move on to the next example which is blogs. And my favorite affiliate marketing blog is It's created by a guy named Pat Flynn who is awesome. He has an awesome podcast that you guys should check out. But basically Pat's been crushing it with affiliate marketing for as long as I've been in the game basically.

And if you look at this, this is his income reports. And as you can see two mill during the last 12 months. Six figures a month when a lot of people are trying to strive for six figures a year, this guy's making six figures every single month. But basically if you scroll down. If I just choose the latest income report. So we'll do August 2017. I just scroll down and I'll show you guys that he actually is transparent enough to share his affiliate marketing earnings broken down by company.

You see Amazon, He made about 600 bucks, not too bad.But if you scroll down to some of these other companies like Bluehost, you see $19,470 from a single source of affiliate marketing. So from posting links guys. Again, it's that simple, it's that easy. It's completely passive income. Which is one of the reasons why I believe it is the best online business that anyone can take up today.

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Operation Management Programs!

Operation Management Programs!

Operations management is one of the best options undertaken in the MBA Programs. to refer to the actual management of the way companies produce goods and services by professionals, often they use that general term.. It involves all the processes of production, packaging, transportation and delivery of such goods or services produced to customers. It also includes the process of procuring raw materials from competent suppliers to ensure the firm experiences no shortages in the same.

Operations management is one of the most vital departments in an organization. It is the key to any long term performances of a company. Without proper management of a firm's operations it will definitely fail. It requires more employees than any other department. Because of all this many business schools have included operations management in the MBA Program.
Without the necessary skills, the manager may find it hard to oversee the sequential and interrelated activities involved here. It becomes a difficult task to make raw materials for the transformation of the main components of all operations such as information, labor. Designing to manage, and track all of these operations is the job of a good operations manager.

How should business schools teach operations management?

A good school of business should give priority to operations. In other MBA Degree options depend on operations. Finance, Accounting, Human Resource management, etc all derive their existence from a firm's operations. Students are expected to come out of this schools fully equipped with the necessary operation skills that will add value to their future firms.

The study of business model performance and measurement systems must be the focus of the MBA Program. This will aid a student in making proper design and management of such business models during their employment. It is all about laying proper strategies. The major areas covered in operations management include but not limited to:

 I.  Supply Chain Management 

This involves the study of the analysis of corporate purchases, manufacturing processes as well as distribution of the finished products or services. This is seen as the heart bit of any company's processes. The major purpose of this field of study is to ensure the students are equipped with skills relating to the strategic and systematic management of the dissemination of information and material within a firm. It can also be referred to as the supply network management.

 II. Service Operations 

Operations management also covers the area of service provision. The systematic way in which the flow of information must be managed by the service industry also has, and the acquisition of materials and services needed to help provide the same. Company supporters will need the necessary information about the company to help them sign several legal documents on behalf of the company.


No specific business model works for all firms. It is therefore during these operations management MBA Programs that a student is taught how to come up with new ideas when the need arises. They are required to think outside the box. Modern technology should be adhered to in order to prevent the firm from becoming obsolete.     iv. Business Environment 

The core component of MBA studies is adapting to an ever-changing environment.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Plan For Lawyers

Coming up with the best Marketing Strategy plan for lawyers is a little different from marketing for other professional services firms. If you've spent any time selling in today's competitive market place, you know it can be uniquely challenging. Many markets are individually idiosyncratic and uniquely resistant. It requires special insights, strategies and training to successfully penetrate, which often adds a few twists and turns onto your roadmap. However, this doesn't make it impossible to navigate to your final destination.

The first thing to do is to understand your marketing objectives. Where are you going with all this effort? For the companies with strategic marketing plans and marketing budgets, "Ready, Aim, Fire" is no longer enough. There must be a concept of the greater vision - to bring real value to the marketplace. There are a couple of key tactics you can use to do this, highly effective marketing tactics that are invisible to the client in the selling process.

The formulate the best possible strategy, ask your clients why they chose you and your company. When talking to them, explain that you want to ensure that you are providing the service and products they want and need. Let them know how much you need their honest feedback during this time. As a result of this interview process, you will likely come up with a lot of new ideas for offering real value to your client.

The key to this strategy is that you are not selling; you are asking for your prospect's advice on improving your company. This is actually an excellent indirect marketing opportunity, invisible marketing.

Another invisible marketing strategy begins even before your first meeting with your prospect. It comes as a result of understanding your marketplace and the greatest pains of your clients. What keeps them up late at night? What makes them wake up in a cold sweat, urgently seeking a solution? How can you and your firm speak to the pain and provide top-level service to your prospect?

By placing yourself directly between your prospect and the solution to their greatest need, you're applying the most effective marketing strategy possible. You're offering genuine value in the marketplace.

Success happens when you have a solid strategy in mind or roadmap to guide you. If done right, creating a business development strategy can be simple, especially when you focus on this time tested marketing directive. The best Marketing Strategy plan for lawyers is to make your marketing invisible by interviewing them and easing your clients' greatest pains. Do that, and they will beat a path to your door.

Contoh Soal Dan Kunci Jawaban PAI XII Bab 2

Contoh Soal Pendidikan Agama Islam Kelas XII BAB 2 - Saya akan membagikan contoh soal pelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam untuk kelas 12 SMK beserta kunci jawaban nya. Pada soal di bawah ini, materi yang di bahas  adalah Ayat-Ayat Al-Qur'an Tentang Etos Kerja, meliputi Surah Al-Mujadilah [58] ayat 11 dan Surah Al-Jumu'ah [62] ayat 9-10. 
Terdapat 20 soal yang akan saya bagikan, dan masing-masing pertanyaan sudah di beri jawaban nya, Anda dapat melihat jawaban yang di beri tanda tebal.

Contoh Soal PAI XII SMK Dan Kunci Jawaban

Berikut adalah contoh soal pelajaran PAI BAB 2 untuk SMK Kelas 12. Jawaban yang benar di tebalkan.

1. Kalimat مِنْ فَضْلِ artinya sebagian dari ....
    a. kebaikan
    b. karunia
    c. istimewa
    d. kalimat
    e. spesial

2. Surah al-Jumu'ah [62] ayat 9 mengandung perintah untuk ....
    a. syahadat
    b. salat
    c. puasa
    d. zakat
    e. haji

3. Kalimat نُودِيَ artinya ....
    a. dipanggil
    b. diundang
    c. dihadapkan
    d. diperbaiki
    e. dimaafkan
4.Tindakan pelajar yang bertentangan dengan semangat meningkatkan etos kerja, yaitu ....
    a. berdisiplin waktu
    b. rajin dan tekun belajar
    c. mampu menyelesaikan tugas
    d. menaati peraturan sekolah dan guru
    e. mencontek jawaban soal ujian dengan teliti

5. Kalimat كَثِيرًا artinya ....
    a. banyak
    b. sedikit
    c. kuat
    d. lemah
    e. mampu

6. Isi pokok Surah al-Mujadilah ayat 11 berisi tentang ....
    a. iman, ilmu dan amal
    b. jihad, sabar dan tawakal
    c. amal, ikhlas dan qana'ah
    d. salat, puasa dan zakat
    e. hasad, riya dan takabur

7. Berikut yang termasuk perilaku mencerminkan etos kerja yang tinggi, kecuali ....
    a. bekerja dengan niat yang ikhlas
    b. bekerja sesuai rencana
    c. memiliki tujuan dan target yang jelas
    d. bekerja secara profesional
    e. bekerja saat di perlukan

8. Seorang pelajar menunjukan etos kerja yang tinggi jika melakukan hal berikut ....
    a. berdisiplin waktu
    b. rajin dan tekun belajar
    c. mampu menyelesaikan tugas
    d. menaati peraturan sekolah dan guru
    e. belajar cukup di sekolah

9. Selain giat belajar setiap pelajar harus ....
    a. bermain setiap hari
    b. bertawakal setiap mencapai hasil yang dicapai
    c. membantu orangtua tanpa kenal lelah
    d. setiap bulan membayar SPP
    e. bekerja

10. Pada awalnya setiap orang di tuntut meningkatkan etos kerja untuk ....
    a. mendapatkan uang
    b. memenuhi kebutuhan
    c. meningkatkan produktivitas
    d. mencari ridha Allah Swt.
    e. meningkatkan profesionalisme

11. Berikut motivasi yang salah dalam meningkatkan etos kerja, yaitu ....
    a. mendapatkan hasil maksimal
    b. mendapat pujian orang lain
    c. meningkatkan produktivitas
    d. meningkatkan profesionalisme
    e. mencari ridha Allah Swt.

12. Berikut yang termasuk perilaku mencari karunia Allah Swt., kecuali ....
    a. bekerja dengan niat yang ikhlas
    b. belajar dengan sungguh-sungguh
    c. aktif berkreasi untuk kepentingan bersama
    d. melaksanakan bakti sosial
    e. bekerja apabila persediaan sudah habis

13. Belajar sungguh-sungguh dengan tujuan memperoleh ilmu yang bermanfaat termasuk ....
    a. amal saleh
    b. ibadah
    c. mencari ridha Allah Swt.
    d. mencari karunia Allah Swt.
    e. berpahala

14. Berikut contoh perilaku Rasulullah saw. yang mempunyai etos kerja tinggi, yaitu ....
    a. berniaga sampai negri syam
    b. berdakwah tanpa menyerah
    c. berjihad dengan semangat juang
    d. membangun masyarakat islam
    e. membangun keluarga

15. Meningkatkan etos kerja harus didasari ....
    a. ketauhidan
    b. keikhlasan
    c. ketakwaan
    d. kesabaran
    e. kebenaran

16. Allah Swt. akan mengangkat derajat seseorang yang beriman dan ....
    a. berilmu 
    b. berbuat baik
    c. berkarya
    d. bersilaturahmi
    e. bekerja

17. Arti kalimat "tafassahu fi al-majalisi" adalah ....
    a. apabila dikatakan kepadamu
    b. berilah kelapangan di dalam majelis
    c. Allah Swt. akan memberi kelapangan untukmu
    d. Allah Swt. akan mengangkat derajat seseorang
    e. Allah Swt. mahateliti apa yang kamu kerjakan

18. Arti kalimat "la'allakum tuflihuna" adalah ....
    a. supaya kamu beruntung
    b. supaya kamu bekerja keras
    c. supaya kamu berdoa
    d. supaya kamu berusaha
    e. supaya kamu bersyukur

19. Untuk menghasilkan sesuatu yang bermutu dan berguna bagi seseorang dibutuhkan ....
    a. ilmu faraid
    b. ilmu hukum
    c. ilmu pengetahuan
    d. ilmu sosial
    e. ilmu metafisika

20. Perintah untuk menunaikan salat Jumat dan bekerja terkandung dalam Al-Qur'an Surah ....
    a. al-Mujadilah [58] ayat 11
    b. al-Jumu'ah [62] ayat 9-10
    c. Yunus [10] ayat 40-41
    d. al-Kahf [18] ayat 29
    e. al-Kafirun [102] ayat 1-6

Demikianlah contoh soal beserta kunci jawaban Pendidikan Agama Islam BAB 2 kelas XII SMK, jika bermanfaat Anda dapat membagikan kiriman ini, jika terdapat jawaban yang salah Anda dapat membetulkan nya pada kolom komentar.

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Education Psychology

The Psychology of Education

In psychology or how education as a discipline is taught in psychology as a subject. Education and psychology are related in more than one way and educational psychology can be related to educational principles. Primarily the focus of educational psychology is the study of how human learning occurs, what ways of teaching are most effective, what different methods should be used to teach gifted or disabled children and how the principles of psychology can help in the study of schools as social systems. 

However a distinction between the more general educational psychology and more specific psychological or individualistic education could help in understanding the nuances of individualistic study and give a subjective dimension to the study of psychology in education. This could also help in making learning systems more student based and according to the needs of culture, society, individual or personal factors. This sort of study with a focus on personal/psychological aspects of learning is not just about social objectives and objectives within educational systems but also about personal goals and objectives and the psychological processes involved in learning. There has to be a clearer demarcation between education in psychology as a general study and individualistic education in psychology as a more specific and subjective discipline.

As of now educational psychology encompasses a wide range of issues and topics including the use of technology and its relation to psychology, learning techniques and instructional design. It also considers the social, cognitive, behavioural dimensions of learning but it would be necessary to make education more personal and individualistic through a special branch with a psychological focus on education so that individual needs are considered. There could be two ways in which this branch of knowledge could evolve - either by strengthening psychological education or individualistic approach to the psychology of education or by having two distinct branches of general educational psychology and individualistic educational psychology.

As in client centered approach to psychology, a psychology of education should also include further research that would highlight the need for individualistic dimensions in learning. Learning psychology is the use of psychological theories for example that of Jean Piaget and Kohler in the study of learning techniques, especially among children. I have already discussed Piaget but briefly Piaget's theory higlights different stages of learning in children and Kohler suggested that learning occurs by sudden comprehension or understanding, however I will not go further into learning theories here. Whereas the focus of educational psychology is on learning techniques per se and the role of the learner is considered only secondary, a branch of individualistic psychology in education could help in emphasizing the role of the learner considering not just their disabilities or giftedness but also their personality patterns. This focus on personality patterns brings out the central role of understanding psychology in educational systems.

Educational psychology studies both the personal approaches to education as in giftedness, disability, learning theories applied to children and adults, and the more general objective approaches to learning as the role of schools as social or cultural systems.

The psychology of education could include the following branches:

General Educational Psychology

1. Learning Systems - As studied from individualistic learning perspectives and generalized learning perspectives, a discussion of the different theories, practices and systems or techniques of learning is an integral part of educational psychology and especially central to general educational psychology.

2. Social Systems - The use of education in social, cultural and economic systems could be considered within the psychological context and this relates to the role of education in society.

Individualistic Educational Psychology

1. Learning Systems - Learning techniques and systems or methods will have to be in accordance with the needs of the children or adult participants and according to skills of the teachers. Needs vary according to personal traits and abilities and individual needs will have to be considered during the learning process.

2. Social Systems - Individual learning psychology will have to be studied according to specific social and cultural backgrounds of the learners and thus a more subjective study of learning approaches and centralized role of the individual in the learning process considering their social, cultural or intellectual background will have to be considered.